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used to map noise contours, the power to adopt acts in accordance with Article 290 of on the minimum safety and health requirements for work with display screen  Realistic navigation features include shading between depth Professional navigation based on merchant shipping standards for ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Δ Setting of safety contour (2, 3, 6, 10 and 15 meters) A. Syvyystietojen muutos – Ändrad djupinformation – Amended depth infor- mation. WGS 84 tuloa varoitusalueena (Caution area), joka aiheuttaa ECDIS-laitteessa hälytyksen. A. RIGS ARE PROTECTED BY A 500 METRE SAFETY ZONE. electronic and paper format and maritime safety information depth contours and the most important depth quirements of ECDIS being implemented and the. 'The vessel proceeded safely, but with a heavy forward trim, to a port of safe on a course Iying within 20 miles to seaward of the 100 m bathymetric contour.

Ecdis safety contour

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Other panels THER PANELS AFETY CONTOUR PANEL When vector charts are in use ECDIS displays in the Safety contour panel two values of the depth: The user selected value for safety contour. • The safety contour available in the chart cell located under the ship’s position. If ECDIS • Page 42: Colour Table And Backlight Control Colour 2018-6-14 · ECDIS NX List of Figures List of Figures 3 ECDIS SAFETY SETTINGS Appropriate safety settings are of paramount importance for ECDIS display and safety of navigation. The OOW must understand the values for the safety depth, safety contour and set them properly to achieve a sensible and well thought‐out implication. 2013-2-21 · • Safety Contour Depth: Value set by the mariner that is used by ECDIS to select a “Safety Contour” from among the depth contours available in the SENC that is equal to or deeper than the value.

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It explains how UKC should be calculated and effectively managed on board ships. The guidance covers topics such as: Safety Depth Safety Contour Display The smallest scale available in the SENC for the given area should always be used by the ECDIS for all alarms or indication of crossing the ship's safety contour and of entering a prohibited area. False - Largest Scale must be used At the time of route monitoring, ECDIS should give an alarm if, within a specified time set by the navigator, own ship is likely to cross the safety contour. The Safety Depth highlights individual soundings in bold that would appear where the sounding is less than the level set on the safety depth alarm.

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I can set Ship’s maximum height to enable chart alerts from areas in the charts where there is not sufficient air draft. The competency in the use of ECDIS is essential for maritime safety.

For this reason, we are required to define the procedure we would follow after crossing the safety contour to ensure that ship navigates safely. There are two methods to choose from. ECDIS Safety Contour Exerters Training Centre - YouTube. ECDIS should emphasize the safety contour over other contours on the display, however: if the mariner does not specify a safety contour, this should default to 30m. If the safety contour specified by the mariner or the default 30 m contour is not in the displayed SENC, the safety contour shown should default to the next deeper contour; If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.
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Safety contour is the most important safety setting in ECDIS. This setting 2. Shallow Contour – Gives a dark blue colour.

It is possible for a vessel to receive no safety contour alarms at all. For example vessels transiting the River Thames would not receive any safety contour alarms with the default 30m safety contour.
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It includes the Vessel’s static Draught + UKC + Squat. Safety contour may be set equal to but not lower than the safety depth setting. 2021-4-15 · Safety Contour: Is calculated same as per Safety depth AND activates ALARM when depth is less Deep Contour: Indicates the limit of sea area where shallow water effects occur that can affect a vessel. It should be estimated twice or four times … 2020-11-6 · otherwise Safety Contour alarms will be meaningless or so intrusive as to be ignored.

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For example, on a ship with a draught of 8 metres negotiating the Dover Strait with a default setting of 30 metres, the ECDIS would show much of the Straits as unsafe water. ECDIS check-off cards should be checked to ensure that settings of anti-grounding cone, safety depth, safety contour, velocity vector, units, chart priorities and chart auto-load are correct; Check that both Primary and Secondary position sources are selected and that they are working correctly The ECDIS safety depth setting was appropriate for the voyage, but the safety contour value of 5m was not. The safety contour could have been set at a higher minimum value of 7.5m and the ECDIS would have defaulted to the next deeper ENC contour of 10m.

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Shallow contour value need to be used to tell ECDIS what is the value of shallow waters for our draft. ECDIS is supposed to give an alarm when the vessel crosses a safety contour. But after the vessel has crossed safety contour there would be no alarm in case the vessel is about to run into danger such as crossing an unsafe depth. For this reason, we are required to define the procedure we would follow after crossing the safety contour to ensure that ship navigates safely. There are two methods to choose from.

Ange säkerhetsdjup, djupgående,+ UKC, vitt / blått vatten i kortet. Image: Safety depth.